Trick Or Treat? Hershey’s Candy Corn and Caramel Apple Twizzlers Reviewed!

X1up Girl

I had it on pretty good authority that Hershey's Candy Corn is the work of the devil, and that it's more horrible than Andrea AND Lori from TWD combined.  

Something that bad... of course I had to try it. smile

I have no idea what these are supposed to be.  I guess white chocolate bars with ground up bits of candy corn?  

It's official description is "candy corn creme with candy bits" which kinda scares me actually.  Candy corn creme is like a bad stripper name.  I think they flavored the white chocolate with candy corn flavoring and added some orange and yellow sprinkles.  They're creamy and the white chocolate does have a candy corny-ness to it, but not in a "I'm trying to kill you with candy corn" kind of way. I'd say I'd prefer these over the real deal because they don't make you feel like you're about to go into some kind of super sugar coma after eating just one.  Given that, this is still pretty sweet but not sweeter than Hershey's other white chocolate bar, Cookies and Creme.  Overall, they're pretty decent actually.

4 out of 5 Candi Corns

I like white chocolate. If you don't, then skip this.


I saw Caramel Apple Twizzlers in a sales ad and I just had to try these. I hate Twizzlers normally except for the sweat and sour variety, but I'll still eat them occasionally. They're the "my co-worker has a bowl of these and I need a sugar fix NOW" aka the last resort candy for me.  

Initially, I was put off that these are green thingies filled with brown stuff.  Opening the bag, I was hit with a sour apple jolly rancher like blast.  However, they do NOT have anywhere near a tart apple flavoring going on like I hoped.  The green part has that generic Twizzler flavor aka I have no idea what flavor this is supposed to be.  You could blindfold someone, give them these, and tell them they are eating strawberry Twizzlers and they'd be like, "Ohhhhhhh, ok."  The inside is a kind of caramely creme thing that tastes like and has the texture similar to caramel icing. It's creamy and buttery, and  has a slight sugar crystal crunch to it at times.  Once I noted a very slight apple note at the end, but so slight you could miss it.  

To further the experiment (because there is NO way I'm eating this bag alone), I gave a few of these to the minions.  They all loved them...and then I asked them if they knew it was supposed to be caramel apple flavored, and NOBODY KNEW.  But they liked them anyway.  So I'd rate these adult trick, kid treat.

2 out of 5 Candi Corns

The caramel is ok, but I am sure they hand these out for Halloween in hell. Minion approved though.


Graphics credit: Candi Corn is available at Shirt.Woot


Littles813 Mon 20 Oct
great review
Mistress Sara
Mistress Sara Mon 20 Oct
I have a bag of the Hershey's candy at home. Haven't felt brave enough to try them yet. Now I'll have to crack open the bag. Thanks for the review!

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