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OPI Liquid Sand Nails

DirtyDiva | February 28 2013 | Bookmark and Share
Liquid Sand Cover Image
Brand: OPI
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First off, I'm not one to fall all over celebrities and their offerings in the cosmetic/fashion world. I just don't care and some celebrities are just yuck so I try to avoid products sporting their faces. However, my January Glossybox duped me. In it, was a full-size bottle of OPI. I often squee in delight when I get a full size polish and this was no different. The bottle in my box was Liquid Sand in "Can't Let Go". Now, I had no way of knowing that this was actually a part of Mariah Carey's LE line of OPI polishes. You know what? Even when I found out, I didn't care.

This polish is gritty and glorious.

My one problem with previous glitter polishes is that it's very hard to get the glitter to go on in any remotely even way. You have to dab and stroke and blot and you're not even making a dirty movie. Sometimes it works, sometimes you're left with a clumpy mess. Well, this Liquid Sand has figured out the solution. The main color is matte but it's mixed with beautiful particles of sparkle. The "Can't Let Go" is a deep violet color with violet sparkles. It was really quite striking when applied. The rough, sandy texture that it left behind is unique. Yes, they named it well, and I find myself feeling it up, often.

You don't use top coats with this because it will destroy the matte effect. This left me wondering just how long this pretty polish would last. Well, I don't know if it's the grit that helps it but this is the longest lasting polish I've ever owned. I managed to go a week and a half before my first chip.

It was barely a week before I decided I had to have another color. I opted for "Stay the Night" which is a matte black with red spakles.

Stunning. So let's just forget that whole celeb tie-in, shall we?

There are four colors in the liquid sand edition. Can't Let Go, Stay The Night, The Impossible and Get Your Number. The first two I've already talked about. The Impossible is a pinky-red polish with darker red glitter and lighter glitter stars while Get Your Number is a strong, icy blue.

You want this polish. You need this polish. Get it. Now.



Hmm, almost sold! BUT- how easy is it to remove said polishes??
By Eith on 2013 02 28
X1up Girl
"You have to dab and stroke and blot and you're not even making a dirty movie." LOLOL! That's awesome. Love that this lasted over a week before the first chip too. I'll have to check it out.
By X1up Girl on 2013 02 28
OOOO - I like pretty colors! I might have to check this out now! Thanx!
By theHeFiNaToR on 2013 02 28
Eith, it was just like other polishes to remove. At least it was for me. I do use a base coat with it.
By DirtyDiva on 2013 02 28
I have The Impossible. It's a really nice polish. The one bummer is that the stars want to stay in the bottle.

Diva, you should check out Zoya's Pixie Dust collection. http://www.zoya.com/content/38/category/Pixie_Dust_Nail_Polish_Matte_Metallic.html

I tried the Godiva color, and it lasted twice as long as the liquid sand polish.
By arkangel318 on 2013 02 28
Arkangel -

I did wonder about the stars. Like I said with the bigger glitter, it was always a pain to get on how I wanted. It's too bad that color suffers from that problem.

I have Zoya's Storm with holographic glitter. It lasted a pretty long time. It's really pretty, too. I'll have to check out the Pixie Dust. Thanks for the heads up!
By DirtyDiva on 2013 02 28

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