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XGX Ladies Night
Wednesday, April 17, 2013
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  • Getting Kyary'd Away
    Getting Kyary’d Away
    valtallica | February 28 2016

    I've been indulging my anime and manga obsessions lately and to say the least it has been...hindering my studies. So I started to explore ways I could do both at once. My grand idea was to listen to some Jpop so I could still feel like I was watching anime while getting some work done. This is when


  • Outrun Europa
    Outrun Europa
    DirtyDiva | November 13 2013

    I found a little gem for those of us older chicas who may have appreciated a racing series back in the 80s called OutRun. OutRun Europa was a spin off the Sega title and involved more of a story than just driving cars on designated routes. This time, you took on the role of a spy trying to


  • 2ne1 Cover Photo
    My Dive Into K-POP
    RxQueen82 | August 19 2013

    Ok, so you're probably thinking to yourself 'what is K-POP?' well my fellow music lovers it is Korean pop music.  I love all types of music - it fits perfectly with our moods and can lift us up or bring us down.  My dive into K-POP happened of course, when the record breaking PSY dropped his


  • Four The Record Album Cover
    Miranda Lambert’s Four The Record
    Jessibaby1986 | April 25 2013

    I picked up Miranda Lambert’s fourth solo album this past weekend, it was only $9.99 at Target. Now I will start by saying I do have all of her solo albums, and plan on picking up the Pistol Annies album as well. The songs really speak to me on this album, even though there are only 14 of them.


  • 121212 Concert Presented by Chase Cover Art
    12 12 12 Concert for Sandy Victims
    CalacaBellaTrix | December 12 2012

    It’s been over a month, and millions of Hurricane Sandy victims are still struggling to put their lives and homes back together. To help combat the cause, Chase is presenting the 121212Concert for Sandy Relief.

    You can help by purchasing concert merchandise online, pre-ordering the 121212


  • Sam B Chamillionaire Cover Art
    Sam B Featuring Chamillionaire - No Room In Hell! Watch it Now Dead Islanders!
    PopChiX Admin | November 15 2012

    Diamond Horde Records today released “No Room in Hell”, the latest music video from Rap Superstar Sam B.

    Sam B rose to superstardom following his smash hit single “Who Do you Voodoo”, which went on to achieve platinum-selling status.

    Sam was booked for a special performance of his material at the


  • Deftones - Leathers Artwork
    Deftones - Free Music from KOI NO YOKAN Plus Track Listing!
    DirtyDiva | September 20 2012

    Leading up to the release of their new album KOI NO YOKAN, the Deftones has released a limited time free download of the song "Leathers".

    Download it Now!

    They have also posted a track listing for their new offering:
    1. Poltergeist
    2. Romantic Dreams
    3. Leathers
    4. Swerve City
    5. Entombed


  • King Animal Album Cover
    November 13 - It’s Now EPIC with Soundgarden!
    DirtyDiva | September 17 2012

    As if November 13 was not shaping up to be great enough with the release of Black Ops 2 and the Deftones release of Koi No Yokan, we are now hit with the news that Soundgarden will be releasing their first album in over 15 years on that same day. Check out the trailer for King Animal below. The


  • image
    Mmmbop to Rock Stars
    NiKKi Kay (GT - Kiss Me Goodbye) | September 01 2010

    13 years ago a majority of us girls ran around with a little orange CD blaring the music of their preteen idols. Sadly most of those preteen girls also passed with the fads of music. The boy band craze that came in the late 90's caused teenage girls to act like screaming banshees with their


  • image
    Deftones - Diamond Eyes
    DirtyDiva | May 06 2010

    The Deftones' long awaited 6th studio album, Diamond Eyes has hit the stores and I rushed home to pick up my copy last night. This is the first physical CD I've bought in more than five years (Thanks to iTunes, AHEM). Was it worth it? Oh yes.

    I crossed my fingers and put it in my car's CD player


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