Getting Kyary’d Away
I've been indulging my anime and manga obsessions lately and to say the least it has been...hindering my studies. So I started to explore ways I[...] read more ...
Outrun Europa
I found a little gem for those of us older chicas who may have appreciated a racing series back in the 80s called OutRun. OutRun Europa was a spin[...] read more ...
My Dive Into K-POP
Ok, so you're probably thinking to yourself 'what is K-POP?' well my fellow music lovers it is Korean pop music.  I love all types[...] read more ...
Miranda Lambert’s Four The Record
I picked up Miranda Lambert’s fourth solo album this past weekend, it was only $9.99 at Target. Now I will start by saying I do have all of[...] read more ...
12 12 12 Concert for Sandy Victims
It’s been over a month, and millions of Hurricane Sandy victims are still struggling to put their lives and homes back together. To help combat[...] read more ...
Sam B Featuring Chamillionaire - No Room In Hell! Watch it Now Dead Islanders!
Diamond Horde Records today released “No Room in Hell”, the latest music video from Rap Superstar Sam B. Sam B rose to superstardom[...] read more ...
Deftones - Free Music from KOI NO YOKAN Plus Track Listing!
Leading up to the release of their new album KOI NO YOKAN, the Deftones has released a limited time free download of the song "Leathers". Download it[...] read more ...
November 13 - It’s Now EPIC with Soundgarden!
As if November 13 was not shaping up to be great enough with the release of Black Ops 2 and the Deftones release of Koi No Yokan, we are now hit with[...] read more ...
Mmmbop to Rock Stars
13 years ago a majority of us girls ran around with a little orange CD blaring the music of their preteen idols. Sadly most of those preteen girls[...] read more ...
Deftones - Diamond Eyes
The Deftones' long awaited 6th studio album, Diamond Eyes has hit the stores and I rushed home to pick up my copy last night. This is the first[...] read more ...
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