Get lovey with Zune Originals Valentine’s Edition
Valentine's Day is around the corner. If you are in love and want to give that special someone something special, I highly recommend the Zune Originals Valentine's Day editions.The Valentine's Day Collection features designs by amazing artists and de... read more ...
Interview: DATAROCK
Listen to DATAROCK now! DATAROCK is one of those bands whose songs you have heard over and over again without realizing it.  DATAROCK's music can be heard on iPod, and Coca-Cola commercials, as well as in various games by Electronic Arts... read more ...
Free MP3: Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die
Download: Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die About: Four Year Strong combines pop, and punk riffs creating infectious melodies and inflicting musical mayhem. Although an older release, this track has been re-discovered by me and has been playin... read more ...
Free MP3:  Pop The Glock (Felix Da Housecat’s Pink Enemy Remix)
Download: Pop The Glock (Felix Da Housecat's Pink Enemy Remix) (mp3) About:  This mp3 takes Uffie's hit, Pop The Lock, and rewires it the only way Felix Da Housecat can.  If feel like turning your living room into an electronic dance floor,... read more ...
Twitter App Now Available on Zune HD
There is a new kid on the Zune App store as of today. A Twitter application is available for the Zune HD which allows you to update and stay up-to-date via the application. Sadly, this and many apps are not available on older devices. The application... read more ...
Amazing Concert Pianist - Not Your Average Classical Artist
I am often blown away by the talents of other women and Viktoria is no exception. Sure, I took piano lessons as a kid. I failed miserably. I did excel at the flute, though. (If I hear one mention of "skin", I will maim and kill.) Back on topic, I was... read more ...
Be Bold with the New Purple and Magenta Zune HD Colors
As of today, the Zune color family has expanded! Zune HD is now available in purple and magenta in both 16GB and 32GB models. These new colors are now a standard color option along side the platinum, black, blue, red, and green. The pricing remains t... read more ...
Free MP3: The Transgressions - Braindead
Download: Braindead (mp3) About:  The Transgressions debut blasts through six songs in a little over six minutes with hoarse voiced, catchy pop punk. This record is for those who feel down and miserable. Why not put yourself out of a few bucks a... read more ...
Feeling the 60’s? Pirate Radio’s Soundtrack might strike your mood
I often find the sound of the 60's to have an inspirational impact on me. The music from that time period had soul, heart, and meaning. Leaving out my strange crush to Philip Seymour Hoffman, this is one of the reason I am excited about Richard Curti... read more ...
Anya Singleton: Jazzy, Bluesy, Sultry and Supporting Susan G. Komen
Next Monday, September 28th, Anya Singleton will be performing at the Bitter End in NYC. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Anya's style encompasses blues, jazz and pop and the result is a sound that ... read more ...
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