Deftones - Diamond Eyes

DirtyDiva | May 06 2010

The Deftones' long awaited 6th studio album, Diamond Eyes has hit the stores and I rushed home to pick up my copy last night. This is the first physical CD I've bought in more than five years (Thanks to iTunes, AHEM). Was it worth it? Oh yes.

I crossed my fingers and put it in my car's CD player that also hasn't been used in years. Of course, it wouldn't read it and I threw a tantrum. After I put my big girl pants on, I rushed to work so I could play it on my laptop. Saying I wasn't disappointed is an understatement. Chino's voice immediately greeted my ears with his haunting tones making the frustrations of the morning disappear.

There is no single 'diamond' on this CD. Every single song takes advantage of Chino's ability to make the band's rough music, sound... well... beautiful. His harmonies are so addictive, soothing and caustic all mixed to perfection. During the opening song "Diamond Eyes", in one instant, you'll want to thrash around breaking things while the next you'll just want to lie back and stare into the clouds. It's ok, you're not having a mental breakdown - you're just listening to amazing music.

The combination of heavier songs like "Rocket Skates" and "Royal" butting up against the softer sounds of "976-Evil" and "Beauty School" show the wide range of music this band can produce while somehow maintaining a cohesive overall sound.

This was definitely worth the cash I paid for it and I highly suggest everyone give it a listen.

Sergio Vega is featured as bassist on this album while Chi Cheng continues to fight for his life after a 2008 car accident. We at PopChiX wish he and his family the best during these tough times. For more information, visit

The Deftones have also announced tour dates for the US this summer. For more information, check out

Song List:

  1. "Diamond Eyes" - 3:08
  2. "Royal" - 3:33
  3. "CMND/CTRL" - 2:26
  4. "You've Seen the Butcher" - 3:31
  5. "Beauty School" - 4:48
  6. "Prince" - 3:37
  7. "Rocket Skates" - 4:17
  8. "Sextape" - 4:02
  9. "Risk" - 3:39
  10. "976-EVIL" - 4:33
  11. "This Place Is Death" - 3:49



RxQueen82 Fri 07 May
can't wait to get this cd...they're my favorite band lucky for me I got to see them live last Thursday. Looking forward to rocking out!
Green1Chaos Sun 25 Jul
I won their cd from a tweet contest with Game With Fame.The cd is great.

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Album: Diamond Eyes
Artist: Deftones
Producer: Nick Raskulinecz
Release Date: May 4, 2010
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