Miranda Lambert’s Four The Record

Jessibaby1986 | April 25 2013

I picked up Miranda Lambert’s fourth solo album this past weekend, it was only $9.99 at Target. Now I will start by saying I do have all of her solo albums, and plan on picking up the Pistol Annies album as well. The songs really speak to me on this album, even though there are only 14 of them. One of the first videos that I looked up after the purchase of the album was for “Mama’s Broken Heart”, it really fit well with the song, though it could have been much better. It was mild for a Miranda video.

“Fine Tune” is the song playing as I am writing and to date it is the only song I know where you will hear mention of a defibrillator, and it is catchy. It sounds like an old bar/lounge song the way it was recorded. It is truly a sexually suggestive song, but in a sort of classy, broken down truck kinda way. “Safe” is one of the songs that truly speaks to me at this current moment in my life. It really allows me to sing my feelings to Theo, yes I sing, but that is something else entirely.

I feel that if you aren’t a big country music fan that you may still enjoy Miranda’s album. I feel that country music has evolved to a point where it can be enjoyed by most (and no Miranda isn’t pop tart trash like some other “country” stars have become). She sings about drinking, smoking, life, love, and mistakes that we can relate to.

The song “Over You” is one that actually made me cry, I was reading through the lyrics as I was singing along, and “It really sinks in, you know when I see it set in stone.” Those lines really pulled heart strings, only because of losing my grandparents, and knowing what she meant by set in stone. Though “All Kinds Of Kinds” is truly inspirational, as she states “Ever since the beginning, to keep the world spinning, it takes all kinds of kinds.”

I recommend highly giving it a listen, even if you don’t listen to county, just give it a chance.



X1up Girl
X1up Girl Thu 25 Apr
I will be the first to admit that I am not a country fan, but then again I'll belt out the theme song to Firefly like it's my national anthem, sooo....I checked this out on Amazon (love the song previews they have) and it sounded pretty decent actually. Thanks for the review!

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Album: Four The Record
Artist: Miranda Lambert
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