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Kiss Me Goodbye | September 01 2010

13 years ago a majority of us girls ran around with a little orange CD blaring the music of their preteen idols. Sadly most of those preteen girls also passed with the fads of music. The boy band craze that came in the late 90's caused teenage girls to act like screaming banshees with their wallpapered walls and t-shirts. Several loyal fans of these bands still exist today. I am one of them.

I have long since retired from the more so, serious fandom, which still exists today. Within 5 years I had attended over 30 concerts and traveled to the band's state to appear in their 10 Year Anniversary DVD. I actually know several people that live off this band as if it were their life source. These people I do my best to forget about because music can only do so much than to live for it.

A few years ago back in 2003 Taylor Hanson, the main vocalist for the band, started a slogan, "The Music Lives." This was no lie. Hanson had disappeared for a few years due to trouble in the music industry in which their former label 'Island Def Jam' refused over 80 songs from the band, believing the new material lacked marketability, and insisting on restricting the recording process.

Hanson then opened up their own record label, 3 Car Garage, so that "The Music Lives." As there are good songs on the radio, you have the reminder that a lot of the music is decided on marketability rather than true talent. The band, Hanson, proves that music is meant for the heart and soul rather than for just the money. The radio stations are often paid to play the music they put on the air as a form of public advertisement with hit singles.

As of 2006, Hanson started doing charity work, which has become a big hit for the fan base as well as the marketing of Tom's Shoes. Before every concert (to this day), whether you're attending the show or not, Hanson goes for a bare foot mile long walk with their fans to promote how kids in some regions of Africa do not have shoes. As silly as it sounds, I've seen random people on the street take off their shoes and join in the cause. It's amazing feat for the band to bring people together for such a moving cause.


Hanson's latest CD, Shout it Out, is probably their best album to date. The album has a more soulful sound than the typical pop-rock CD's that they were used to. They went back to a sound similar to Motown and soul in the late 60's- early 70's. Even their latest music video, "Thinking 'Bout Somethin," completely redid the classic dance scene from The Blues Brothers movie for the song "Shake a Tail Feather." To the former huge fan, we know dancing was not usually a strong point for the band but they sure pulled it off this time around.

To keep this short (as I know I tend to over write), Hanson's latest album has received favorable reviews from critics. Some criticize the lyrics though I find this to be Hanson's best album since their 2000 album "This Time Around." The songs will make you want to get up and dance like you were a kid again. They out grew the long hair and the pop lyrics of "Mmmbop" and developed into serious song writers.

Hanson's going to be around for a long time. As Taylor said back in 2003, "The Music Lives". They were pushed down in the early 2000's and they got back up. They aren't going away that easy and they will be producing music for years to come. Lady Gaga and Kanye may be reigning in the charts but sometimes you need to go back to the new roots of Rock and Roll.

Hanson are currently on their third leg of the Shout it Out Tour which begins November 1st in Dallas Texas. Be sure to catch them on tour this fall at a venue near you!

All songs written and produced by Isaac Hanson, Taylor Hanson, and Zac Hanson.

1. "Waiting for This" - 3:17
2. "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'" - 3:45
3. "Kiss Me When You Come Home" - 3:38
4. "Carry You There" - 4:33
5. "Give a Little" - 3:45
6. "Make It Out Alive" - 4:35
7. "And I Waited" - 4:01
8. "Use Me Up" - 4:04
9. "These Walls" - 3:58
10. "Musical Ride" - 3:48
11. "Voice in the Chorus" - 4:39
12. "Me Myself and I" - 5:30





xSHADOWx Thu 25 Nov
i remember hanson, i used to jump and dance around my friends bedroom listening to it.
Girlface Killah Thu 18 Aug
I know this is an old post but I love Hanson. My sister and I finally got to see them in concert last Sept. It just made me want more. I would have stayed all night to hear them sing.
pennytwilight Mon 31 Oct
I am still a BIG Hanson fan! I kind of like that they aren't as huge as they were because in 1998 when I first saw them, well, I could barely see them because I was so far away from the stage. Now when I go see them I can practically touch them. It's great!

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Album: Shout it Out
Artist: Hanson
Producer: 3CG
Release Date: June 8, 2010
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