My Dive Into K-POP

RxQueen82 | August 19 2013

Ok, so you're probably thinking to yourself 'what is K-POP?' well my fellow music lovers it is Korean pop music.  I love all types of music - it fits perfectly with our moods and can lift us up or bring us down.  My dive into K-POP happened of course, when the record breaking PSY dropped his single 'GANGNAM STYLE'.  I heard it and was instantly hooked, and after searching high and low all over Youtube I became an addict. The world of K-POP is huge. It has a ton of both female and male groups and after listening to a few of these groups I did manage to find a favorite group, which happens to be none of then the infamous four member group of 2NE1. 

Even though these for 4 fierce chicks are from South Korea and rarely make an appearance state side they are currently working on making their way across the pond. They have made collaborations with Black Eyed Peas member WILL.I.AM and have been the muses for fashion designer Jeremy Scott. The group consists of member Park Bom, Sandara Park (Dara), Lee Chaerin (CL) and Gong Minji (Minzy) they are signed to YG ENTERTAINMENT which is one of the top 3 record companies in South Korea. K-POP might not be for everyone but if you're looking into trying something new I totally recommend it, remember MUSIC IS A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE.

Photo courtesy of YG Entertainment, Inc.


kwynn Wed 21 Aug
I have to say I love this type of music. It always makes me feel like moving.
RxQueen82 Thu 22 Aug
I love it too, this group is my ultimate fave but i've also started listening to Korean hip hop and rock music, and it's a fun way to learn to a new language smile
xX F1 Hannah Xx
xX F1 Hannah Xx Thu 22 Aug
Cool I was wondering what K-Pop meant at first. I actually remember the first time I saw PSY he was a guest at the Korean gran prix he waved the chequered flag and he waved it so slow I was yelling come on show some excitement lmao. But I do Like the song gangnam style

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