Outrun Europa

DirtyDiva | November 13 2013

I found a little gem for those of us older chicas who may have appreciated a racing series back in the 80s called OutRun. OutRun Europa was a spin off the Sega title and involved more of a story than just driving cars on designated routes. This time, you took on the role of a spy trying to recover stolen documents and your stolen Ferrari F40.

The game was released in the UK from British publisher U.S. Gold and UK developer Probe. The game was available to owners of Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Game Gear, SEGA Master System and ZX Spectrum systems. I was lucky enough to own the high quality Master System edition.

One of the great things about the OutRun games was the soundtrack. It has fabulous 8 bit songs that you could flip through on your radio before starting your races.


Alright, already, what do you have for us? I hear you ask? Well, I came across an electronica compilation album put together by artists from all over Europe that has clearly been influenced not only by the game but from the unmistakable decade of synth music. There are 30 tracks on the album ranging from 34 seconds to 5:49.

If you're looking for a musical throwback compilation by some talented European electronica artists, look no further than - you guessed it, "Outrun Europa". Did I mention the album is a free download?


What are you waiting for? Check it out below:


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Album: Outrun Europa
Artist: RTRY, Kid Flash, OGRE, Violet Sky, Shio-Z, Vincenzo Salvia + many more
Release Date: June 24, 2013
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