Simply Straight Review
Review:  As Seen On TV Simply Straight
This is my first time using the Simply Straight straightening brush. Per the product description, it's a ceramic straightening brush with bristles that heat up to 450 degrees F.   It worked as I dreamed it would even though our hair (my[...] read more ...
Snack Attack! Choco Chip Oreos Reviewed
I really don't know why I do this to myself. I see a new Oreo flavor that I can't live without, and then I remember why I can...especially if it's a product that doesn't have the balls[...] read more ...
Gaming on the Go: 4 Must Play Mobile Games
Historically, games for the mobile platforms have not had a good reputation. Gamers who play solely on their tablets or cell phones are often viewed as “casual gamers” or as “not[...] read more ...
Oreo Cookies – Limited Edition Swedish Fish Flavor Review
I will admit when I first saw a post on Facebook about these, I was thinking, “Oh great, another hoax.” Then when a relative commented that they saw them at the store, I knew I had to find[...] read more ...
Getting Kyary’d Away
I've been indulging my anime and manga obsessions lately and to say the least it has been...hindering my studies. So I started to explore ways I could do both at once. My grand idea was to listen[...] read more ...
Akasha’s Salsa Verde with Avocado
I was inspired to make this because of my love for this sauce when I go to Regios or Mr. Pollo for a roasted chicken. I always have to ask for extra green sauce (as I call it) when ordering (they[...] read more ...
Bacon Wrapped Tater Tot Bombs, Akashaheart Style
I made these and my kids loved them. They couldn’t get enough!  I used parchment paper to cook these which absorbed some of the bacon fat. I will fix these again, maybe even for a holiday[...] read more ...
Cheesy Crockpot Cowboy Casserole by Akashaheart
This is an easy recipe that I found at, but with a few changes I made to the original recipe. It didn't need a lot of ingredients, and it can be cooked in a pot on low to med[...] read more ...
Review:  Limited Edition Red Velvet Oreo Cookies
Nabisco is at it again, but this time with a limited edition cookie to tie into Valentine’s Day. While doing a quick shopping run at my local Target store, I saw several packages sitting on[...] read more ...
Walmart Winter 2014 Beauty Box Unboxing
Walmart Beauty is a seasonal beauty box subscription that includes a variety of sample size and full size beauty products for the low price of $5 (the box is technically free - they only request a[...] read more ...
Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!
Good bye, 2014!  It was a great year filled with amazing articles, play dates, and group shenanigans!  Here are a few highlights from 2014:   We started a new "Achievement Unlocked -[...]
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