Spoiler Free Walker Week Round Up!  Trivia Winners Announced!
This past week of Poptoberfest we celebrated Walker Week, in honor of the season premiere of The Walking Dead!  Here's a recap of our[...] read more ...
Walker Week Continues With Our TWD Trivia Challenge!!
The premiere for AMC's The Walking Dead is even closer now, so it's time to prove how big a fan you really by taking our TWD Trivia Challenge![...] read more ...
Celebrate Walker Week With Us As We Count Down To The Return Of The Walking Dead!
It doesn't seem that long ago that Season 4 of The Walking Dead ended and we were like... But Season 5 returns on Sunday and now we're[...] read more ...
Breaking Bad’s Brian Cranston And Aaron Paul Reunite For “Barely Legal Pawn” Emmys Promo
The Emmys are coming August 25th and (sadly) Breaking Bad is over, but we still love (and miss) the on screen chemistry of Bryan Cranston and Aaron[...] read more ...
Review Of The Walking Dead’s Season Four Finale, “A”
“Those who arrive, survive.”- Terminus motto Well, the season finale of The Walking Dead aired 30 March 2014 on AMC, but was it worth[...] read more ...
H is for Hermione
She's smart, works hard, knows almost too much, she saves Harry and Ron, she's nice, she's pretty, she's loyal... does Hermione[...] read more ...
The Non-Stop Action Flick That Will Make You Never Choose The Window Seat Again
There's only so much you can do with a movie when it's set aboard a plane. You can have a virus set free on it, or you can have it hijacked[...] read more ...
Have A Happy AND Snowy Ever After With Disney’s Frozen
You don't have to have kids to love a Disney movie!  Frozen is the latest Disney movie out on Blu-ray / DVD and I have to admit that[...] read more ...
Recap/Review of “After”, Episode 409 of AMC’s The Walking Dead
[Warning TWD Fans who haven't seen "After": spoilers ahead] It is that time of the year again: February! Which means The Walking Dead returns[...] read more ...
Valentine Gifts for the Breaking Bad
February 14th is the one day out of the year that gives us the opportunity to show how we care for our friends and significant others as much as we[...] read more ...
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