asdasdasdasd read more ...
Renewal News Fans Were Looking For
There's good and bad news for fans of Warehouse 13. Syfy’s original series was renewed for another season. The catch is the season will consist of only 6 episodes and will be the final season for the series. The news was announced officiall... read more ...
Warehouse 13 Returns!
Syfy’s original series, Warehouse 13, returns 29 April 2013 at 10 pm on the Syfy channel for the second part of season 4. For those who are not familiar with the series it follows two Secret Service agents: Myka Bering and Pete Lattimer, along ... read more ...
Carrie - Third Time’s a Charm? Official Trailer Debut
In the midst of the remake/reboot era, MGM's version of the 1976 classic, Carrie is set to take the stage in October. Releasing on October 18, 2013, the new pig-blood-phobic Carrie is portrayed by the talented Chloë Grace Moretz (of Kick-Ass... read more ...
Welcome to the Bates Motel
On Monday March 18, A&E added a new show to their roster - "Bates Motel". While you may know A&E for their quirky programming with shows such as Duck Dynasty and Storage Wars, they are apparently trying to step into the shoes of networks such... read more ...
Fringe - Don’t Miss This Great Show
Fringe was one of those shows that I saw in passing for a few minutes, thought, “That looks interesting,” and moved on. Then later, I really watched it and thought, “Why on earth didn’t I watch this show before?”   ... read more ...
Glad She’s Not My MAMA!
First and foremost, I have to say throughout this entire film I kept thinking La Llorona, if you don’t know that bit of folklore I would suggest looking it up. Now on to the actual film. Once again as with Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark al... read more ...
Geek Love - Because Mocking Geeks’ Inability to Find Love Apparently Isn’t Passé...
First off, I'd like to point out that the producers of this new "reality" show is Authentic Entertainment. Who? Those people who brought us the Honey Boo Boo atrocity, that's who. Also in cahoots is one of gaming's biggest news names, IGN. So what is... read more ...
TED - What if your bff came alive and grew up?
Its rude, its crude, immature and down right offensive but guaranteed to make you laugh. My hubby has been saying for a few weeks how he wanted to watch this movie, i saw the trailer and didnt think much of it, but once i overheard a few people at wo... read more ...
Into The Twilight Haze
Going through some new today, I came across this little gem. Apparently, a psychologist in NYC has taken it upon herself to film a documentary surrounding the Twilight Series of books and movies. Dr. Niloo Dardashti has created this film to show how ... read more ...
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