Glee - Season 1
I'm a big fan of musicals of any sort, so when I saw the free pilot episode of Glee in iTunes last spring, I downloaded it right away without knowing what it was about.  Although there haven't been a lot of successful musicals on television - Co... read more ...
“Dexter” - Season 4 Premiere
I can hardly believe we're already on to season 4 of "Dexter" but on Sunday night, I eagerly awaited Mr. Morgan's arrival on my television. How could they possibly keep me entertained for another season?For those who are completely unfamiliar with th... read more ...
Cougar Town
I'm not 40, I'm not single, and I don't have children, but Cougar Town starring Courtney Cox has the been the one show I've marked my calendar for since I saw the add on the back of one of my boyfriend's FHM magazines.  And it didn't disappoint.... read more ...
“Zombieland” - Wally World, it Ain’t
Living in a world surrounded by zombies doesn't sound entertaining-but in "Zombieland" it is! The movie revolves around four main characters: Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Bre... read more ...
2009 MTV Video Music Awards
At this year's Video Music Awards (VMA) I laughed - and I cried. With Kanye West being present, it was guaranteed to be a show. Russell Brand who apparently was trying to get into girls' pants that night hosted the VMAs. Among them were Katy Perry, L... read more ...
The Informant!
I try to go and see as many movies as I can during screenings. I absolutely love them. It's worth standing in line for an hour to see the movie. Other than the fact that it's free, you can also get official movie goodies when you're walking out. ... read more ...
District 9
DirtyDiva: Last weekend, I paid my $10 to see District 9. It was the first movie I had actually looked forward to going to in a while. Since Neill Blomkamp was directing, I had high hopes. Plus, you know, my loudmouthed Twitter friends wouldn't shut ... read more ...
Project Runway 2009
Project Runway has finally returned after a haitus that made me wonder if I would ever be able to hear, "Make it work," again whether on Bravo or Lifetime. Oh Tim Gunn, how I love thee. This season, we have 12 more people to watch as their sanity slo... read more ...
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