Romantics Anonymous - An 80 Minute Dose of Chocolate and Romance!

CalacaBellaTrix | September 07 2012

If you like foreign romantic comedy films, Romantics Anonymous is a sweet, charming, and bubbly film for you. Like any other romantic comedy film, the couple eventually falls in love, and this movie gives you both the bitter and sweet components of chocolate and love. It also gives a new meaning to crazy in love.

The film centers on a struggling small chocolate factory, where the main characters Angelique and Jean-Rene meet. Angelique is a chocolatier looking for a job, and Jean-Rene is the owner of the chocolate factory. Both are socially awkward in their own way. Angelique’s theme song is “I Have Confidence,” but she’s vulnerable, shy, and timid. Jean-Rene is not a people person, as he is aloof and terrified of body contact with other people. So, from the first hand shake, to the end of the movie, the couple has its hilarious ups and downs. Angelique & Jean-Rene’s friends, co-workers, and groups add to the storyline, as their input adds more confusion into the blossoming relationship. But the friends are also there, when they need the appropriate kick in the-you-know-what for their own good.

The movie started off a bit slow, but once Angelique interviews for a job at the chocolate factory, I was laughing and cheering for the hopeless romantic couple. I don’t like to spoil movies, so I hope you are able to give this movie a try. If you like cheery endearing movies, then this 80 minute movie might just be the answer for your sweet tooth.


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Romantics Anonymous
Producer: Nathalie Gastaldo, Philippe Godeau, Olivier Rausin, Arlette Zylberberg
Director: Jean-Pierre Améris
Writer: Jean-Pierre Améris, Philippe Blasband
Stars: Benoît Poelvoorde, Isabelle Carré
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