TED - What if your bff came alive and grew up?

xSHADOWx | January 02 2013

Its rude, its crude, immature and down right offensive but guaranteed to make you laugh.

My hubby has been saying for a few weeks how he wanted to watch this movie, i saw the trailer and didnt think much of it, but once i overheard a few people at work talking about how funny it was, i decided to give it a go. TED is a teddy bear who was gifted to an 8 year old outcast child, who made a wish one night that his teddy could speak. Lo' and behold it came true. Over the years, the little boy grew up and so did the fowl mouthed little bear who is now an ex-celebrity and bored with life.

The main Character, John Bennet ( Mark Wahlberg), works at a dead end car-hire company but is living with his gorgeous, ambitious career woman girlfriend Lori (MIla Kunis) who soon gets very sick of her boyfriend playing with his talking teddy bear. Predictable John soon has to make a choice, either his Teddy bear or his girlfriend. Being apart from his Teddy bear is far harder than it sounds and trouble eventually happens and when Ted gets bear-napped by the local weirdo and his overweight son. They all pull forces to get Ted back.

Without spoiling the ending which is slightly predictable i won't write what happens.

Over all Ted is highly amusing and definately should be watched.

Warning: if you're easily offended then i suggest not watching. It contains drug usage, sex and foul language, definately one for the older teen.


theHeFiNaToR Mon 07 Jan
Loved this movie. The Hubby and I got a good laugh out of a number of the jokes! Definitely a good movie if you are in need of a good laugh! I agree with your warning too - not for those easily offended!
xSHADOWx Tue 22 Jan
yeh i did enjoy it, but i dont think its one ill be buying... well maybe if its super cheap like free. smile

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Director: Seth MacFarlane
Writer: Seth MacFarlane
Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis

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