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Wednesday, April 17, 2013
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H is for Hermione

squazzy | April 23 2014 | Bookmark and Share
H is for Hermione

She's smart, works hard, knows almost too much, she saves Harry and Ron, she's nice, she's pretty, she's loyal... does Hermione even have any bad qualities? I'm jealous.

Oh, right. She's a young lady. That's the problem.

What's so special about Harry? His mom. She's the reason he can fight Voldemort.

What's so special about Hermione? Her! If she were a man, she'd be the protagonist. Harry would be the damsel in distress. Well, maybe it would be Ron. Pink dress required.

I am beyond perplexed. There are so many other female characters out there that should be the main character/viewpoint, but they aren't because they're girls or women. Hollywood needs to be more adventurous. I called the Lego movie out at every plot point (not an activity I enjoy) and I have seen this story a million times, it felt like a fill-in-the-blanks script. Even with the love triangle. How do you mess up Batman so much Wyldside likes Emmet better? It was boring and I love movies. Was it really necessary to also have her have some kind of warped identify crisis just to show Emmet in a better light?


What a lady. Crazy skilled, crazy awesome, what a new story if Neo wasn't the one (since she was supposed to love the one) but she was it and the story was about finding that love for one's self. This takes time and effort, something that really isn't pushed as a positive thing (now its narcissism and instant gratification.) It was a wasted chance to break the mold.

The Matrix took cues from a lot of movies, but I think it missed out on the best one- Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell.

She's the boss, she's in control, she's the best, but she can't work without her team. Neo, on the other hand, gets to do all the real important things. Trinity is reduced to the love interest, even though she's like Hermione- she's great and she never gives up.  These examples are easy to see, there are many that are subtle, but are still subversive towards equality. There is even a discussion about how Joanne went by J.K. Rowling (no gender identifiers there) instead of Joanne Rowling. 

Hollywood manages some strong female characters, but she'll be the only one. If we're lucky there will be another woman, but she'll need rescuing or do very little other than be eye-candy (or be out-of-her-mind crazy.) And if they talk they'll be even luckier to not talk about a man. (See the Bechdel Test) It's not a great place to start, but it is better than nothing. Until the Hermiones, Trinitys and all the other girls and women out there get to be protagonists in all kinds of movies it is a compass in the right direction.

Hermione kept me reading Harry Potter; Trinity made me watch the other two Matrix movies. I want to see movies that break the status quo- no more straight white male. We have so many choices, so much diversity (here's looking at you, Katniss. Someone ignored the parts in the books where she's described as olive skinned.) There are enough popular books and comics out there with female leads (that do not include teenage dystopia.) You can do it, Hollywood, tell some (new) stories from some new viewpoints. Lose the fear and you'll gain so much more; just like us regular people.



Can't say I've ever noticed, I normally just enjoy the adventure
By xSHADOWx on 2014 04 25

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