Give a Tattoo Artist a Clone Trooper Helmet and What Do You Get?

DirtyDiva | November 14 2012

If you're not familiar with Ink Master, it's Spike TV's reality contest that showcases the talents of tattoo artists - oh, and they're all vying for $100k. This week, my geek senses were bubbling out of my skin because both the mini "flash" challenge and the main challenge revolved around Star Wars.

The mini flash challenge winner usually gets to pick which artist gets which "canvas" aka person who either very bravely, or very stupidly wants a tattoo done on television by someone who may or may not crack under pressure. However, in this week's challenge, not only did the winner get to assign the canvases, but they would also have their piece signed by George Lucas and auctioned off for the Make-a-wish foundation. All helmets were shown to rabid fans at Star Wars Celebration VI, as well. So what was the focus I hear you ask? Contrast. The artists had to paint clone trooper helmets while demonstrating their understanding of and expertise in contrast.

Some of the artists knew nothing of the movies which made it much easier for some of the true geeks on the show to shine. Sarah Miller, one of two female contestants left in the running was completely geeking out. She showed how much she loved the series by pulling from elements in the movies like the Millennium Falcon and lightsabers. She may not be one of the most "likable" characters on the show but some of her competitors take douche to a new level. And let's be honest, her helmet was pretty sweet so she could spit fire and eat babies but she'd still be an amazing artist.

Watch the flash challenge:

Flash Challenge: Contrast
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For the main challenge, the artists had to showcase their contrast skills in tattoos (obviously). There were troopers, Yoda, Chewbacca, star destroyers - everything you can think of that had to do with Star Wars. And of course, there were some whiny baby canvases - Those hard asses who thought they could handle the pain but end up crying like little babies. Since we're pretty far into the contest, not one design was completely horrendous. There were some iffy ones but all around, I would be very happy to have any of the final designs on my butt, or arm, or thigh, or... well whatever.

Unfortunately, Sarah went on the defensive when the other contestants didn't gush over her design. The other female artist left on the show, Tatu Baby did a really incredible Yoda tattoo but she knows nothing about the movies which sent Sarah off another defensive cliff. But again, while she comes off that way, her work is just spectacular.

I won't reveal who won or lost this week but here are some pictures to pass the time before you watch the episode.

ChewbaccaClone Trooper

YodaDarth Maul


Fifiville Wed 14 Nov
Oh I love that show, I love tattoos and I love Dave Navarro & Chris Nunez ♥_♥

Darth Maul tattoo looks badass! wow! I liked all of them...but that one I liked more! I haz no idea who won, will have to watch the epi smile

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