Project Runway 2009

DirtyDiva | August 22 2009

Project Runway has finally returned after a haitus that made me wonder if I would ever be able to hear, "Make it work," again whether on Bravo or Lifetime. Oh Tim Gunn, how I love thee. This season, we have 12 more people to watch as their sanity slowly (or sometimes quickly) deteriorates when they're given tasks to complete under impossible circumstances.

In this premiere episode, we are introduced to the lucky designers. We have an ex-meth addict who has a complete breakdown on the very first show, a 49 year old window dresser, a chick who makes clothes into tents and water purifiers and so many more. The other new changes are, of course the channel - It's now on Lifetime and they are staying in Los Angeles instead of New York.

The first challenge has the designers creating red carpet looks and the amateurs are separated from the professionals. We have a designer who can't sketch and whose creation resembles what Tim Gunn says is a, "big diaper," another who doesn't know what "smocking" is, an ex-meth addict [who cares? - Drama, please...] who has a mental breakdown half way through the creation process and one who wants to accentuate a, "big ass."

A big surprise was that the first celebrity judge was Lindsay Lohan. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad sign for the show. She was looking rather… haggish. And offered up a barrage of comments to the designers that seemed so superficial and expected. She simply re-hashes what anyone would say. "I like this dress." "You can like it but those who wear it need to like it more." Wow... What genius... Anyway, that' all I will say concerning her since this show is about the designers, not the celebrities.

Christopher Straub reminds me of Jeffrey Sebelia from season three. Of course, Jeffrey was known for his drama but the fact of the matter is, his designs were outstanding and he remains my favorite designer through all seasons of the show. It's too early to tell if Chris has what it takes to back up his attitude but his first design points to "Yes". His dress was elegant and romantic, yet edgy and modern. He made use of a very textured feathery material as the top of the strapless dress while a pinkish white ra-ra skirt made up the bottom. [See the photo at the bottom of this review.]

Mitchell decided to scrap his original design as his model was not the size she said she was. Hey Mitchell, you did know what show you were trying out for, right? Since when do things go smoothly? Come on now...

Ramon's dress was stunning. All of the judges called it safe. Color-wise, I agree. Stylewise, however, it had elegant lines and appeared really well made. I feel like he should have done better than he did.

The ex-asylum inmate this season is Ari. She decides the red carpet is in need of what Michael Kors defines as a soccer ball. She is also referred to as being from another planet as Lindsay is shown scoffing. After saying she can't sketch and spends that pre-sewing time doing handstands, I tend to agree. Sure, I get the fine art thing. I get the thinking outside the box thing, I don't get the lunatic impractical design thing. It looked like a superhero on crack. Probably not the best look for Lindsay, if you know what I'm sayin' Also, Ari bares a slight resemblance to Samantha Ronson. Bizarre…

For more information on the show and the rest of the designers, check out


Maj1013 Fri 04 Sep
Someone needs to make an iPhone app where Tim Gunn mutters random soothing comments at you. Seriously, it's impossible to be upset when Tim Gunn is speaking to you.
DirtyDiva Fri 04 Sep
Dude, that would be amazing. Nothing going right? "Make it Work." LOL
Maj1013 Mon 07 Sep
Anyone else catch it this past week? I need a fashion check on the neoprene I just not understand avant garde fashion?
snowkissed Fri 25 Sep
Avant garde is generally really out there and, in my opinion, to be misunderstood raspberry
Bella Donna
Bella Donna Wed 14 Oct
I'm glad that I'm not the only one that thought Ari looked liked a dead ringer for Samantha Ronson. I saw Lindsay giving her the eye! lol

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