Spoiler Free Walker Week Round Up!  Trivia Winners Announced!

X1up Girl | October 13 2014

This past week of Poptoberfest we celebrated Walker Week, in honor of the season premiere of The Walking Dead!  Here's a recap of our articles for that week:

We asked for TWD gear pics from fans of the show/comic, and we got these in from Akasha Heart (t-shirt), Eagle Warhawk (top two TWD figures) and myself (Merle...he needed a mini bottle next to him wink ).

We also had a TWD Trivia Challenge! 


Here are the trivia questions and answers:

1) The TWD tv series begins with Sheriff deputy Rick Grimes waking up from a coma in a hospital. How did Rick end up in a coma? He was shot in the back by an assailant after a high speed pursuit.

2) True or False:  Shane was married.  False

3) Who helps Rick escape when he is trapped in the tank in Atlanta?  Glenn Rhee

4) Who said, "In this life now you kill or you die. Or you die and you kill."  The Governor

5) When Merle was handcuffed on the rooftop and left to die in Atlanta, who lost the key?  Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas

6) Who shoots Dale after he's fatally wounded by a walker attack?  Daryl Dixon

7) Name three main characters of the TWD show that were never in the comic.  Daryl, Merle, Sasha, Beth, T-Dog to name a few

8) What was the name of the Governor's walker daughter? Penny Blake

9) When Glenn was being held at Woodbury, who leaves him tied up in a room with a loose walker? Merle

10) Who is Judith, Rick's daughter, named after? Carl's third grade teacher, Judith Mueller.


And NOW for our winners!

Congrats to Eagle Warhawk, CalacaBellaTrix, and MrsNinjaMaster!  And thanks to everyone who participated!

Walker Week was amazing fun, and thanks to everyone who joined the conversation on Twitter during the premiere using #TWDChix!


Littles813 Mon 20 Oct
omg where did those Mini figures come from??? must have

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