A Holiday Shopping List for the Legend of Zelda Fan in Your Life


Well, our very own L.B. sent us on a task…to find 5 items (or more) for people in your life. (In this case it may totally be myself…but who is to say)

So I decided to start my mission that very same night. I found sooooo many things! (Oooh the precious…*ehem* excuse me) I started my “research” on Amazon.com which is the first place most of us go when looking for things. Starting with the highest priced item on Amazon I shall begin my list.


Nintendo 3DS XL Gold/Black - Limited Edition Bundle with The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - $279.99

Yes that special 3ds…you know the Zelda fan in your life would LOVE to see this under the “holiday” tree.


The Legend of Zelda Box Set - $43.79

Know a Zelda fan who also loves manga? Well how about this The Legend of Zelda box set? (I have the first two issues and I am a fan) They take a bit more of an in depth view into the world of Link, Zelda and the game gang.


Legend of Zelda Triforce Symbol Black & White Messenger bag - $29.99 + shipping

Need something to carry all this sweet LoZ swag around? OF COURSE YOU DO! And what could be better than a Hyrule crest messenger? Black canvas with a white embroidered crest on the front…amazing.


Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Fabric Wall Scroll Poster (16"x21") Inches - $19.99 + shipping

Legend Of Zelda 25th Anniversary Games Art Print Poster - $7.99

Legend Of Zelda Silk Printing - Silk Print Poster - $4.99 + shipping

These three fabric posters would be welcome on any game room wall. (I can tell you from the scroll poster I own they are amazing looking!) The prices range from $19.99 to $4.99 (can you believe that price? I sure can’t)


Legend Of Zelda Princess Triforce Crest Foil Glitter Hinge Wallet - $24.95 + shipping

Where will that Zelda fan keep all that holiday card cash? This wallet is a great spot. (I own this myself and get many compliments on it.) The black vinyl has flecks of gold glitter all throughout, the gold lining is super special, and it holds up to all those pesky rewards cards.


The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia - $17.49

The Hyrule Historia….this has been on my wish list since it was still a preorder! I would love it to have a home on my coffee table…but alas it still eludes my grasp! (I sound a bit like Ganon there)


The Legend of Zelda 2014 Wall Calendar - $12.43

Need to keep track of how many days you’ve been cooped up playing? How ‘bout this fancy 2014 calendar? It is a 16 month so a few of them have already passed.


The Legend of Zelda Playing Cards - $15.40

This last one from Amazon allows you to take your digital love to the table top. (Though admit it you wouldn’t want your poker buddies getting their wing sauced fingers on these) Playing cards imported from Japan!!


So that wraps up Amazon…now to support some real artisans on ETSY!


Laser cut and engraved Link 8bit wood keyring - $12.47 + shipping

Want a great keychain that will shout out their love for LoZ?  This listing is a great one, the shop (TwikiConcept)  also has other great nerd key chains!


This next item makes me want to go get another hole punctured in my ear so I can wear them all at the same time!

Spiritual Stone Earrings! - $40 + shipping

These are so cute and the wire work is so well done. She has many other designs (necklaces too) at her shop, GuiltyGeeks.


Heart Container Necklace - $20 + shipping

Now while not everything from my next shop, ElvenStarClayworks, is complete game geekery (she does food too) she does have this: a Heart Container Necklace! The perfect way to let that LoZ fan know that they have your heart (container that is).


Legend of Zelda Painted Holiday Christmas Ornament Set -Link and Princess Zelda - $34 + shipping

Want something for your “holiday” tree? Ginger Pots has you covered!


Last but not least is an item I have been fawning over since I saw the ad in Nintendo Power Magazine around the release of Ocarina of Time….

Songbird Ocarina’s own Sweet Potato Ocarina


At $44.95, the price is wonderful…. (I just worry I’m not talented enough to try a musical instrument.)

Well ladies (and possible gents) I hope this list helps you shop for the Zelda fan in your life. There are so many other items out there…but I decided to be nice and pare it down for you wink (I wanted to add all the plushies I found…but I have a plushie addiction)



Sway Thu 05 Dec
The image says it all. "Shut up and take my Rupeeeeeees!!!"
EnchantedDaisy Mon 09 Dec
I am not a huge Link fan (but look! I know enough to not call him Zelda! LoL) but I did love the fabric poster and the wooden keychains. Very cool.

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