A Review Of Maggi So Tender Seasoned Cooking Papers


Ever heard of the brand Maggi?  They specialise in cooking food in a bag. You simply fill the bag with raw ingredients, sprinkle on the seasoning provided, seal the bag,  put it on a tray in the oven, and job done!  Now they have come up with a new product:  seasoned cooking papers!

Three flavours are currently available: garlic chicken, Italian herbs chicken and paprika chicken.

Each pack contains four sheets for four chicken breasts. 

All you have to do is open the sheet of paper place a chicken breast onto it, close the paper and place in a Frying pan for about 10 mins per side. No need for cooking oil.

I have to admit I've sort of fallen in love with this product. It's amazing and quick, and doesn't fill your cupboard with a million herb and spice bottles.  They are cheap too at £1 per pack. Currently, they have been on offer in ASDA for 50p.

I've served mine with boiled potatoes, shredded lettuce and Yorkshire puddings. They really do go with anything, so get creative!


Littles813 Wed 19 Mar
Very interesting..... never noticed it in my grocery store.
EnchantedDaisy Thu 20 Mar
This sounds so weird! And expensive!
I could see packing some for camping though or RV trips or something where I wouldn't really want to bring spices with me.
xSHADOWx Sat 22 Mar
Its not expensive, its less than a dollar for four meals, excluding the cost of the other ingredients.
akashaheart Tue 25 Mar
i must have this

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