Creamy Chicken Mushroom & Wild Rice Soup


Okay as promised here is a new recipe for you folks. It’s been really cold in Madison lately, and I thought yesterday with the snow falling that it would be the perfect day to make soup. I decided I’d revisit a soup I made for Theo before but add some rice to it. (Last time I made it the only starch was some hard French style rolls.) I had half a split chicken breast and two thighs frozen, I use bone in skin on as they impart more flavor into the soup. (They are sitting in one of the containers of stock in this photo.)

I added the second container of stock and brought it up to a boil then reduced the heat to a simmer, since the chicken pieces were frozen I did need to adjust the time I let them simmer for aprox. 1 hour. I used unsalted Swanson cooking stock, so I seasoned lightly with S&P (salt and pepper y’all)

While this was going I decided to start the wild rice since that has to cook for 55 minutes.

Now all of this is started, time to slice up some shrooms (I bought two containers of pre-sliced cremini and buttons so I only had to slice the Shiitake). I added the woody stems to the stock to add some more mushroom-y flavor.

All in all it comes out to about 6 cups of sliced mushrooms. I added these to a sauté pan with some Hickory smoked salt.

So I’ve been learning about using as little as possible when it comes to dishes so I will be reusing the same measuring cup >.>

Next is one small yellow onion cut into a small dice.

I forgot to take a before of the carrots, however I’ve been using organic grown (they are actually cheaper for me for some reason), sliced thinly.

I also use organic celery. I used about four stalks and sliced those as well.

I like to skin and bone the chicken while it is still somewhat hot (please ignore the plant rubbish), I find the skin easier to remove.

After the chicken is removed add in the veggies and…

the mushrooms. Yay mushrooms!

Mmm…veggies and mushrooms right now swimming in stock.

Next add the chicken back in ( you could use two chicken breasts instead of a breast and two thighs, but I like the flavor the dark meat adds.)

I know what you are thinking, "She can’t be adding a full pint of cream."

Well I did.

I added two of these to up the chicken flavor just a bit more. I like flavor.

I added about two teaspoons of poultry seasoning and mixed that in.

Sartori Reserve cheese
SARVECCHIO® PARMESAN, a local Wisconsin cheese….so nutty and delicious! Grated on top using my Microplane (only go one direction or you bend the blades!)

Some split buttered French bread and dinner is served.


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Good luck!!!


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ohmyfluffygoat Fri 31 Jan
First off, I gotta try this recipes it looks utterly amazeballs!!! And second, awesome food photography pictures!!!

Also, a Doctor Who giveaway!??

Thirdly, this makes my peanut butter and jelly sandwich lunch look like I may as well be eating fireplace ashes. Hahahaha!
MrsNinjaMaster Fri 31 Jan
This looks so yummy! I will be adding this to my menu. Thanks Jessi for this.
X1up Girl
X1up Girl Fri 31 Jan
What? No nail art this time? raspberry

Recipe looks great!
Jessibaby1986 Fri 31 Jan
The semester started so I can't have polish on...
Mlithog Sat 01 Feb
f00d. moar f000000d
X1up Girl
X1up Girl Sat 01 Feb condolences in your time of nail polish ban :(
Littles813 Sat 01 Feb
Looks delicious. I've been cooking more so we can eat home cooked meals instead of cafeteria food. Thanks for the great picks

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