Do the D.E.W.


Welcome to 2013! Time to start the year fresh and make good on all the resolutions you didn't follow through on last year. Time to spend more time gaming, socializing, and having fun! Time for more game nights and Popchix Events to fill our free time! But through all the joys of Borderlands 2, Halo 4, and Battlefield 3, don't let your health deteriorate. The healthier you are, the more time you'll have to play games! With that said, if you have a goal in 2013 of living a healthier life, then join some fellow Popchix in doing the D.E.W in 2013! (Diet. Exercise. Water)

Not everyone needs to lose weight, but we can all get HEALTHIER! No matter who you are, having a support group around you when you are trying desperately to not eat that stack of cookies in the kitchen can be the best thing for you! And who better to have in your group, then fellow Popchix who will totally allow 30 minutes of Kinect gaming to count as exercise for the day! There is currently a "Support Group" thread in the Popchix forums where we share ideas, struggles, and current progress in our journeys! Don't let the name fool you though, we don't track weight, we track the D.E.W!

The D.E.W are the 3 most essential things for getting healthy: a proper Diet, a minimum of 30 minutes of Exercise, and drinking at least 8 glasses of Water each day. And because everyone has different dietary needs to be healthy, we track the D.E.W instead of pounds lost. A proper diet will be at your own discretion to decide, but please make sure that you are not starving yourself, as that just leads to more unhealthy habits. 30 minutes of exercise could mean going for a walk, hitting the gym, playing a sport, or even hitting up the Kinect for a variety of games designed to get you moving and grooving. The minimum of 8 glasses of water each day will ensure that you are staying hydrated, can help flush toxins from your body, and can even help improve the look of your skin.

We also have a Google Doc created to help us track where we met our Diet, Exercise, or Water consumption goals for each day! You earn 1 point for each goal completed each day - a total of 3 points a day! Each person will be allowed access to the form to update their own info. We use the honor system, the best system around! By logging each day, you can see what you may need to work on, help a fellow Chix who may be having trouble staying motivated, and have some friendly competition on who has the most points. Some of us even use websites to help us track these things in more detail like the LoseIt app,, and Endomondo.

Dew tracker

Its fun, free, and full of friends! If you are interested, check out the forum or send me a message! The more the merrier, but there are no obligations to participate! Let's show 2013 who's the boss!


X1up Girl
X1up Girl Thu 03 Jan
Nice work! Glad you posted an article about this - didn't even know that was going on in the forums!
xSHADOWx Fri 04 Jan
yeh its been going on for a little while, but now its more offical

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