Minecraft Mushroom Stew


MineCraft Mushroom Stew:  The first of many game food reviews

Well, what an intense week of voting this has been. I thank you ladies for your votes and input for what I should first make. Now on to the recipe, with a little music:


19 oz (540 grams) Fresh Mushrooms (I used 3 oz Shiitake, 8 oz Cremini (baby portabella), and 8oz White button mushrooms)
2 Large yellow Onions (also called spanish onions)
1 and ½ Sticks of butter (177 grams)
3 Tablespoons (15 grams) flour
Salt and Pepper (optional)
1 cup sour cream (237 ml)
1 and ½ cups Beef stock or broth (355 ml)

Melt ½ stick of butter over low heat, while butter is melting slice mushrooms (omitting shiitake stems as they are woody). Cook mushrooms in butter until they no longer bleed out (water not actual blood).
While mushrooms are cooking chop the two large yellow onions and caramelize in a bit of oil over medium heat. When they are nicely browned add to mushroom pot.
In a cast iron or other heavy skillet melt remaining stick of butter over low heat, once butter is melted stir in sifted flower stirring constantly until thick, stir in sour cream. This mixture started to look a bit weird, kinda like it was curdled but wasn’t. I added a bit of the liquid from the mushrooms to this and thin it a bit, but you can always just dump this in. Now you can stop here if you wish but it looked too “ucky” to me. So I decided to add 1 and ½ cups of beef vegetable broth to thin the stew out a bit.
A mixture of white medium grain rice and wild rice was a great accompaniment to this dish.

Now for photos with descriptions!

Up first Mushrooms! Roundy’s is a local brand from the grocery store.


Yellow onions, just your ordinary everyday NOT white onion.

I like butter, butter is nice.


Butter doing its buttery thing.


Sliced ‘shrooms! *Note these are not the hallucinogenic kind*


So many mushrooms! Important to note that this will cook down and look like almost nothing.


Onions in oil.


Beautiful things are happening in this pan….beautiful.


Mushrooms cooked down…see all that gorgeous mushroom liquid!


More butter!


Makin some croutons.


Flour to add to buttery goodness.


Onions added to the mushrooms, and mushroom juices.


Sour Cream added to the flour and stick of butter.


Added the sour cream mixture to the mushroom mixture. Looking delicious, but just a little too thick.


Added in a cup and a half of beef vegetable broth to thin the mixture out. (I used salted butter so no need to add more salt to it.)


Served over Medium grain and wild rice mixture. Wild rice was a little under done since I did them at the same time, if you do this I recommend starting the wild rice first.

Complete with an 8-bit mushroom crouton and a few other squares as well for tastiness.


16 bit heart ice-cubes for my lemonade as well.

This dish was so delicious, had such a meaty texture from the mushrooms. No extra salt or pepper were needed for the stew. It was super easy to make, and even Theo enjoyed this dish. With the rice added it became a very filing and satisfactory meal. I understand now how it can boost the hunger level by 3 meat pieces upon consumption. Creamy, meaty, wonderful mushroom stew.
I give this recipe a rating of

4.5 Hunger out of 5

I look forward to you trying out the recipe, and posting a comment on what you thought about it.

Bon Appetit!


arkangel318 Wed 18 Sep
That looks good! Will using 1up or other Mario mushrooms affect the results?
Amethyst Wed 18 Sep
Hehe Love it! raspberry
EnchantedDaisy Wed 18 Sep
Ok, am I going to be the only one to ask what "I used 3 oz poop" means?!
Other than that, looks good. I will try it this weekend. I have a ton of leeks I need to use!
Fifiville Wed 18 Sep
You're not the only one EnchantedDaisy LOL. Maybe they were S h i i t a k e mushrooms and the site thought she was saying a bad word lololol
ohmyfluffygoat Wed 18 Sep
This looks so freaking yummy! I may have to make this special for Minecraft-a-Palooza nights!
Jessibaby1986 Wed 18 Sep
Fifi is right they were you can blow up the photo and see the title >.<
P i x i e X
P i x i e X Wed 18 Sep
3 oz poop?! Woody poop stems? LOL
P i x i e X
P i x i e X Wed 18 Sep
Oh, shiitake mushrooms. I should've read the comments first, haha.

lol, woody poop stems.
DirtyDiva Wed 18 Sep
LOL!! I'm so sorry about that. We didn't catch the typo but of course the censor did.

It has been fixed now. Nobody needs any poop in their stew!
EnchantedDaisy Wed 18 Sep
<---is disappointed that it's been changed (-_-)
Now it's just normal MineCraft Mushroom Stew
EnchantedDaisy Wed 18 Sep
That's okay. I guess I didn't need another crappy recipe anyway raspberry
Jessibaby1986 Thu 19 Sep
I find it strange none of my cropping stayed formatted when I sent it off....Oh well.
DirtyDiva Thu 19 Sep
If you ever have an issue with anything in an article we post, please, please don't hesitate to email us.

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