August 2014 Skoshbox Review


Well ladies, my first Skoshbox is here! I have plenty of photos…I wanted to do a video…but my built in isn’t working properly….

First up we have this lovely box…

Oooh look a card! Turns out it has what is in the box :D


Now to open this pretty sticker…

Oooh goodies!

First up we have a Green Tea Oreo!

So when the package is opened you are inundated with a strong chocolate smell….This is one of the soft cookies. The filling is very mild in flavor. It’s creamy and the cookie is soft and very very rich.


The next item is the Sanko Zara Jiman Senbei (Rice Cracker with a granulated sugar topping)

The first thing I notice is a very toasty smell, there is also a LOT of sugar. This is one of the strangest things I have ever eaten… While there is sugar which adds a sweetness…it’s on a savory cracker. Looking now at the ingredients there is soy sauce, red pepper, and miso powder….It has a very strange aftertaste and I’m going to pull a teen girl move here… I can’t even!

Now to try the thing in this box that should be savory!

The teriyaki burger Umaibo (puffed corn stick)

I almost don’t want to open this package! Mmm…this is a really soft airy puffed corn. The teriyaki flavor is just right, not too sweet. Jupiter even likes it! (He came up sniffing what was in my hands, so I gave him a small piece.


Classic Pocky is next…I already know what these taste like so I’m going to skip them for now wink


Pokemon Ramune candy….this one seems odd….but here goes.

Looks a little like a pill…smells like Ramune…reminiscent of them as well.


Next is Maison De Kukkia which is a Matcha Chocolate Cookie Sandwich

This is a crispy wafer type cookie that was crushed in the packing process….the smell and inintial taste are those of one of those vanilla wafer sandwich cookies. The crisp cookie melts easily leaving the taste of the green tea cream, this is sweet and not overly smoky as green tea can sometimes be. There are green tea leaves mixed into this fluffy creamy filling. This is one of my favorites!


I’m going to go a little out of order on the card, so the French Papiro, this is a hard cookie shell with a creamy green tea filling.

This cookie smells a little burnt…and the filling is a bit darker green than the other cookie. The cookie is sweet and has a very strong vanilla flavor. The cream is a bit grainy feeling… I rate this one slightly under the Maison De Kukkia…


Caplico Cones, I got a strawberry one….the package is almost too cute to open!

It has a very strong artificial strawberry smell…and it kinda looks like a unicorn horn. The filling is spongy and weird….but the outside is a nice crisp waffle cone. So about halfway down it switched to chocolate! The chocolate is much more plesant to taste than the strawberry.

Kasugai Gummies!!!! I had the watermelon and the peach before! These are apple flavored! Its heart shaped! I love this brand of fruit gummies (I found them at A-Mart the Asian grocer in Madison) Ooh they taste just like an apple! I have one left after eating the one for this review….and I’m going to share it with a friend of mine :D

This next item is a Sakura Mochi chocolate…this one intimidates me a little…I’ve had azuki bean icecream and I love it…this is just scary though

So the chocolate is very sweet and the mochi filling is rather sweet and gummy in texture…its odd…but rather delicious…there is a hint of salt to the chocolate (which is really good if you’ve never tried it before) I’m thinking it was meant to be eaten in one bite…but eating it in four small bites allowed me to get the subtle flavors out of the chocolate.

I’m skipping the pocky all together because it is standard chocolate pocky which Target carries….

And I like the bottom of the box say Thank You!


MrsNinjaMaster Thu 14 Aug
Oooo, fancy! Nice review.
Zaythar Fri 15 Aug
OHHH I want one of these! smile

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