The Mr. Coffee® Café Latte Review


Well ladies I’ve had this wonderful machine for about two months now, and let me tell you I am absolutely in love. I used to stop at Starbucks, or my campus’s coffee stands, nearly daily. I was spending about $5-$8 USD on a 16 oz cup of coffee and frothed milk, CRAZY right?

So my lovely boyfriend found a deal on this machine on for less than half of the retail price, and let me tell you we’ve already gotten our money’s worth from it. He uses it every day, I am almost to that point myself. It makes either one or two servings. You can do tea and coffee lattes, and even make hot chocolate. Yes that is right, nice frothy foamy hot chocolate, and all you need is chocolate, sugar, and milk! (Now I do eat/drink dairy products, so I’m not sure how it would work with soy or almond milk)

What is better, its only 4 simple parts. You have the brew base (the thing you put the water into with the controls), the brew basket (it comes out for easy cleaning), the decanter (which has a heater in the base), and the frother wand.

For this review I’m going to be making a simple chai latte, because I like chai teas. Now for photos!


Look at that sexy sleek brew stand. Yes I keep my booze on the counter…and yes that is a kick ass blender…but that is not what we are talking about! Look at the coffee maker!!! Just look at it!



Milk and honey go into the brew pot. I used about two soup spoons of honey cause I like sweetness, and 1% milk because I am health conscious.

Time to turn this baby on. All you need to do is make sure that you have it on café latte if you are using coffee or tea, and heat & foam if you are making hot chocolate.

Very easy clean up…just make sure you do scrub the bottom of the brew pot since milk solids can cling to it.

Now you see how easy it is to use, and I will let you know that I brewed this while typing up the first two paragraphs. So it’s nice and fast as well. I bought some flavor syrups from Amazon to go with the coffee when we brew it, you can also add them to hot chocolate, you just need to be mindful since they are sweetened with Spelnda, and you will need to adjust the sweetness.

The first time we used this I feel in love. It produces such a nice froth with the milk, and beautiful coffee for one or for two, and its fast enough that you could brew different flavors for everyone in your party. I can now make delicious coffee house quality beverages at home for much less than I could buy them for. The machine came with a recipe guide as well, which has 20 different recipes. I haven’t tried them all, but the ones I have are amazing.

While it is back to near retail of $100 USD, I assure you if you spend $5-$8 a day on a coffee now. You will have this paid off in less than a month of use. (@ $8 a cup it would be 12.5 days)

Bon a petit!

Ease of Use:

5 mugs out of 5


Ease of cleaning:

4 mugs out of 5…only because you need to make sure you scrub out the milk solids from the bottom of the pot.

Beverage Tastiness:

5 out of 5. wink


Foam quality:

Holy thickness batman!


EnchantedDaisy Mon 02 Dec
Since I own neither a teapot (gasp) nor a coffee brewer (just a french press) and boiling water on the stove is absolutely no fun, I might have to get one and try it out...

For Science! smile
X1up Girl
X1up Girl Tue 03 Dec
I want to try some samurai chai mate now raspberry

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Cafe Latte
Brand: Mr. Coffee
Price: $99 USD
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