xSHADOWx’s List of Fun Kid Activities for October


October isnt just about Halloween..... ok, yes, its mostly about Halloween, but there so many other things you can enjoy too, not just the candy!  Mmmmm, candy...

Here are somethings you can do with the kids!

1) Leaf Jump!

Rake up a huge pile of leaves and jump in them. You don't even need kids to do this, its fun on its own! Yes, people may question your sanity but it's so much fun.


2) Make your own art - leaf rubbings!

 Its so simple, easy and looks fantastic. Simply just get some paper, some leaves and a wax crayon, place the leaf under the paper and rub your wax crayon over the surfure where the leaf is under. The wax crayon leaves the impression of the leaf on the paper.


3) Make a den!

 It's cold outside and there's nothing better than stretching blankets from furniture to furniture and piling pillows underneath! Snuggle up with a handheld games console, and a mug of hot chocolate.


4) Coookkkkkiiiieeesss - make halloween cookies!

 Cookie cutters are cheap and come in loads of different shapes. Buy some tube icing and go to town on thoses bad boys!


5) be Naughty.....

Send the kids to bed early, order pizza, pour yourself a glass of wine, cover your self in blankets and play GTA5...... did i just say that?!!!

What ever you decide to do this October and Halloween, make it a good one, play hard, game hard, and eat candy!


image sources:  Looking and Learning, Legates, Chris BarPhilip Fibiger, and  TheWrittenGeek


ohmyfluffygoat Mon 21 Oct
I so need to do this stuff with my spawn.
xSHADOWx Tue 22 Oct
my daugher loves den's. its one of her favourite things to do. ive just taught her how to make leaf rubbings, we had a blast doing it. now she just loves drawing rainbows. lol.

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