Zombies + Running = FUN?!?


Yes that is right I used “running” and “fun” in the same sentence!

As some of you ladies already know, I’ve started using the Zombies 5K app on my phone. I bought both the 5k and the original Zombies, Run! When they went on sale over New Year’s Eve. However, living in Wisconsin it was too fracking cold to run then. (The app is available through Google Play and the AppStore). Now, I’ve never been in the greatest shape and in high school (10 years ago!) I couldn’t run without running out of breath. With this I’m actually able to track improvements in my pace through the accompanying website (www.zombiesrungame.com)

What is great, for all of us gamers, is they have ACHIEVEMENTS!!!! I know, I know soothe your boobs, this is true! The website and the app sync with one another when you create a profile and log into that profile on your phone. Already, at the end of the first week I have 4 achievements. Now some are distance based, some are time based, and others I have yet to discover! They have an option of a network of friends as well…however, I don’t have anyone added yet…go figure. I am going to be running one more week during the course of writing this article. So as of today, May 9th I have gotten in 4 runs with a distance total of 17.3km and 2:57:50 total time. You can keep an eye on my profile @ https://www.zombiesrungame.com/Jessibaby1986/ because once I am done the 5k trainer, I will be moving on to the full game.

A bit of story without too many spoilers: Your very first time loading the app they recommend you start with the run “The Story Begins”. This run begins with you in a helicopter (Jolly Alpha Five Niner) which gets hit by a rocket and crashes. This is where you first meet Sam Yao, (well his voice) and it’s your first zombie encounter. You also get to hear the voice of Dr. Maxine Myers, Abel’s medic, who eventually becomes your trainer. Sam takes to calling you “Runner 5” (they have awesome runner 5 gear in the zombies run store http://zombiesrun.entripy.com/ ) but I cannot say why they call you that wink You will just have to play to find out.

At the end of week one my pace has improved by almost a full minute a km, you can finish runs after the 10 minute free run of the mission, it just plays your music list. Now on the subject of music, if you have an android you will need either WinAmp or Android Music Player (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jrtstudio.music&hl=en) iPhone/iPod users you just need to make sure you create a playlist. I must say that I have never felt as good as I do today before I started using this app.

5/11 Just finished the first week two run…my legs are not happy with me. Week two brings longer run times for the run drills. (30 secs rather than 15) with 1 min walking after each. Week two also brings heel lifts, where you stop running and rise up on to your toes after the 30 seconds of running 5 times before you start walking again. I’m glad the weather has been agreeable with me so far. Though I think I would go out in the rain as well, I have waterproof head phones and I’m curious as to what the sensation would be like. Well ladies I will pick this back up again in two days after my next run wink

5/13 I decided even though I feel terrible today that I would see if a run would help me feel better…it didn’t but at least I got my run in. Today’s run brought a surprise with it, in more dialog than normal. It was a fun distraction. I must say that I am definitely starting to feel an increase to my stamina, hills are still a mother thumper to try and get up though. I noticed I’m starting to get into shape, mostly because a pair of pants that used to be a “perfect” fit are now falling off! (On a side note still feeling terrible though I slept most of the day).

5/15 Today was the final run of week 2. My pace is continuing to go up. I’ve noticed a definite weight loss, and definition building in my legs. My weight when I started was 174 lbs I weighed in right before my run this morning at 169 lbs. I’m feeling fantastic! Over 7 runs I have 27.69 kms under my belt in a total time of 4:41:28. This app really has been the driving force for my path of reaching my goal.

It’s fun story and characters that make you want to care, all tie everything together. It makes you want to run to find out more of the story, to help the people of Abel Township. I’ve run from quite a few zoms already even if they are just recordings the dialog makes you feel like they are right behind you.

I’ve never been a runner…never really saw the appeal, this app makes it fun, it turns it from a grueling exercise into something I actually enjoy. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to start running, or even if you are a runner enjoy the story!

I give it 4.5 brains out of 5



Zaythar Tue 20 May
This sounds awesome. I think I will check it out since achievements are always a way to motivate me. smile
akashaheart Wed 11 Jun
ooooo nice it is a motivator

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