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TriXie360 | March 11 2013

PopChiX is the evolution of GamerchiX. We love movies, television, books, comics, non-sticky lip balm, animals, kids etc. Our group has grown to encompass everything in the female world as well as gaming. While gaming remains our primary focus, we wanted to build a place where like-minded ladies could come and chat about everything that they love. So, come in, grab a chair and get chatting. We'd love to have you.

So, what is GamerchiX, then?

Excellent question! GamerchiX is a social group for women who play video games. Our gender and our love of games brought us together but what keeps us together despite differences in location, age, lifestyle, politics, game platform, religion, and language is our commitment to the GamerchiX Manifesta. Read the whole thing here but the gist of it is “No Drama.” We respect ourselves and all women. We don’t hate, we don’t gossip (except about celebrities!), and we don’t judge each others’ choices.

GamerchiX is like summer camp without the mosquito bites. A sorority without the elitism and rufies. Girl Scouts without the merit badges*. You get the idea. If the thought of joining a women-only group fills you with dread and junior high flashbacks…you’re in the right place. There are no Mean Girls here.

The only membership requirement is that you be a female and you agree to our “no drama” rule. If you like to get into fierce online debates, or are intolerant of others’ opinions and choices, GamerchiX is not for you. There are plenty of places on the Internet to grind your axe.

*Not that we’re against sororities, summer camps or scouting.

Need to get in touch with us? Shoot an email to general@popchix.com.

Want to submit an article? Send your piece to articles@popchix.com

Want to nominate someone for the ChiX Spotlight? Send your nomination to spotlight@popchix.com



Q: Is Popchix an official Microsoft site?
Nope. PopchiX is a project affiliated with GamerchiX members.

Q: What’s the connection to GamerchiX?
PopchiX was started and is managed by the GamerchiX founders and content is provided by GamerchiX members.

Q: Are dudes allowed on PopchiX.com?
Yes! We welcome the Y chromosome here.

Q: I love PopchiX.com! Can I write for the site?
All members of PopChiX are encouraged to submit reviews on books, games, comics, TV, and movies. We also welcome articles on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Anything you submit is subject to editing for content, length, grammar etc.

Q: Sweet! Where do I send my submission?
Want us to publish your article? Great! Send it to articles@popchix.com

Q: Awesome! Are you gonna pay me for my work?
Ummm no. We haz no monehs. This is a labor of love.

Q: I want to review a game/CD/movie will you send it to me?
While we would love to supply everyone with review copies of games, music, movies, etc., we just don't have the luxury to do so, YET. But who knows what may happen down the road! If the "free stuff" fairy does drop stuff on our heads, you'll have a better chance at getting some of it if you have consistently contributed great reviews. Get writing!

Q: Are there any important rules about submissions that I should know?
The main thing we care about is that you submit your own work. We're all intarweb savvy and WILL find out if you steal someone else's work, so just don't do it! 

Q: Can I send you something I wrote for another site?
We ask that any content you submit for us only appears on our site. It would be silly to have lots of sites with the same articles.

Q: I love PopChiX, but I’m a boy. Can I write for the site?
No. This is a site that features female voices and opinion. But thanks for asking and we hope you’ll keep reading!

What About GamerchiX?

Q: I heard there were changes to the way GamerchiX works. Can you explain?
Sure! GamerchiX hit the 10,000th member mark some time ago. Due to the fact that it used to live on the Xbox.com forums, only TriXie had the ability to add girls. With job changes, it became impossible for her to handle any new additions. By using PopChiX, we can continue to grow the group and have more girls to oversee the additions to the private forums here. It's a win, win for everyone since it's easier for us to expand here and you have the ability to shape the group even more. We didn't really lose anything, we just shifted a little - changed into a new outfit, per se. GamerchiX Ladies Night is still around, too.

Q: Is GamerchiX/PopChiX a clan?
No! We're a social group for female gamers. You can be a member of a clan and still belong to GamerchiX/PopChiX. Or if you are looking for a clan to join, PopChiX is a great place to find out which clans are out there and get recommendations from other members.

Q:Are there any requirements to join?
Just two: you must be a female and you must agree to our Manifesta.

Q:How serious are you about the Manifesta?
If you violate it, you will no longer be a member of PopChiX. The group is meant to be a drama-free place for female gamers to game safely and comfortably. If you come into our safe haven to pick fights and stir up drama, you will be kicked out. If debate and drama are what you are looking for, look elsewhere.

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