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X1up Girl | May 11 2014

PCX Write Club is a dedicated group of writers that submit monthly articles on a variety of subjects, and occasionally join up forces for co-op articles!  Check out our current members below!





I'm a gamer mum from the UK, I've been gaming since the start of time, I'm the lover of all things geek and zombies, mmmm brainssss. In my spare time I like to crochet and do gardening. I also take part in a few charity events every year.



A gaming chef in training who enjoys sharing her culinary knowledge by creating game based recipes with the help of her new kitchen assistant, Jupiter, and her gamer guy.



I'm a gamer mom of 2 who when not on my Xbone is reading romance novels. I LOVE cats and spending time with my little monsters being a big kid.


My bullit

I love and play ALL games, but my favorite is the horror genre - and horror movies, horror books - you get the picture! Full time maker of all things pretty on the jewelry scene, music lover, and I'm currently learning how to revive all the plants my not so green thumb has endangered this past year.


Eagle Warhawk

I am currently a college student, when not studying you can find me either on my Xbox 360, Xbox One, or my PC. I am also a big Doctor Who, Star Wars, and The Walking Dead (both the comics and TV series) fan.



Mom, wife, employee & gamer! ♡ to cook (Indian yum), ♡ pj's or sweats, love helping others get achievements, will be growing a garden for the 1st time this year.



Gamer, book nerd, and foodie who loves all things local. When not playing games or reading, can be found baking something yummy or trying new restaurants. Favorite game of all time is the Diablo series.



Starting with the NES, Bella's love of video games came at the early age of 6.  It wasn't until winter of 2009 that she felt the awesomeness of First Person Shooter games, and quickly grew attached to Call of Duty World at War! (Nothing compares to that headshot sound.) When not playing video games on her multiple systems, or interviewing the fabulous-all-mighty PopChix of the Month, she can be found pampering her dogs and consorting to rule the world with laughter and mayhem....  Ohhhh snap!!
::CalacaBellaTriX stands for being a lover of Calacas, and BellaTrix, which means female warrior (sorry Harry Potter fans).::



Canuck, gamer, writer, photographer, comicer, artist. Also has the highest friendly-fire stats; I do it because I care.



Gamer, nerd, cook, wannabe creative person extraordinarie but not always turning out that way, mostly PC gamer that will try almost anything once.




I'm a Puerto Rican gamer living within cornfields in Nebraska. My grandpa gave me the NES with Super Mario Bros when I was little and I was hooked! I love zombies, cats, nail polish, reading romantic comedy novels, tattoos, big sunglasses, pineapples, anything Gordon Ramsey and online shopping.


x1Up Girl


x1up Girl is our resident wasteland lacquerista and editor.  When she's not spending her days sitting in Vault 101 adding your awesome articles to our site, she's developing software professionally and raising three gaming minions.  Her interests include game deal hunting, reviewing junk food, and planning world domination with the PCX Write Club.


Additional info on our club can be found here.  Popchix members interested in joining should message x1up Girl via the message forums.

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